Local Cookie Swap

Local Cookie Swap

If you have too many boxes or cases, email Dan with your troop number, name, contact info and exactly what you have extra.  Same if you’re looking for more, email me exactly what you want and your contact info.  It will be posted below.

If you are looking for a few more boxes, or cases, contact these folks before going to the cupboards.  They might even deliver!  Email or call them, arrange the trade, use receipts and then email Dan with the full info (both troop numbers, exactly what was transferred to whom) and I will update SNAP for you both right away and remove/edit the posting.



Troop 17081 has EXTRAS of the following (boxes):

Shortbread – 6
Caramel deLite – 4
Thanks a Lot – 4

Contact Terry: Teresa.marusich@comcast.net


Troop 16635 has EXTRAS of the following:

Shortbreads – 10
Thanks a Lots – 1


Thin Mint – 1
Caramel deLite – 3

Contact Elise: hubbard.family@gmail.com


Troop 17409 has EXTRAS of the following:

Trios – 1
Thanks a Lot – 3
Shortbread – 3

Contact Sarah: skhilde@hotmail.com


Troop 17847 has EXTRAS of the following:

Shortbread – 2
Trios – 2

Contact Dayna: hrsn_it@yahoo.com


Troop 10402 has EXTRAS of the following (boxes):

Trios – 4
PBS – 5
Shortbread – 5

Contact Dan: dpothier@gmail.com