Cookie Info 2018

2018 Cookie Information

Troop Cookie Manager training is available now

Training for all Troop Cookie Managers is absolutely necessary this year.  With the new system, new cookies, and many other changes everyone must complete the online training.  It is available now on the Council site.  Please be sure to complete both the Troop Cookie Manager training and the Troop SNAP+ course.

I will be scheduling two in-person training sessions covering details of the sale, changes this year, and the new software.

Smart Cookies System and Training

The cookie sales management system, Smart Cookies is now available.  Once you have completed the online training, please log in and complete your troop setup.  Be sure contact info for you and troop leaders is right, all girl info us updated, and banking info is complete.

Troop Cookie Manager Guidebook
Good PDF of information to help with the sale.  In particular, the last few pages do a pretty good job of explaining the complicated donations programs and how to enter in Smart Cookies.

Initial Order Pickup Location
Pick up initial orders this year, after scheduling your time, at the following location:
7100 Washington Ave S
Eden Prairie, MN 55344
Note: This location is only for initial orders and only by appointment

Cookie Cupboards
Pick up more cookies by the package or case by going to the local cupboard.  No pre-order or appointment required.

Address is:  7252 Washington Ave S, Eden Prairie, MN 55344
Hours are:  Monday to Friday Noon–6pm and Sat 8:30am to Noon right now (until 2/11).

Hours change throughout the sale, generally decreasing.  Please see this page for details. There is also a great “inventory available” table there to check before you go.

Booth Scheduler
The Council area booth scheduler opens earlier this year, before initial orders are due.  Please log into Smart Cookies, find and schedule the booths for your troop.  

Important Dates

12/8 – Training begins

1/9 – Initial Orders due by 7pm

1/27 – 2/1- Pickup initial inventory

2/3 – Cookie Sales Begin

2/3 – Cookie Booths Begin

2/3-3/18 Cupboards Open

3/9 – First ACH taken from Troop Accounts

3/18 – Booths and sale end

3/19-20 – Cookie Return Days

3/27 – Reward orders due in Smart Cookies

4/13 – Final ACH taken from Troop Accounts


Tips for Girl Inventory Management
  • Email families weekly and ask to have updates of their on-hand inventory, and their plans for it
  • If they might be returning on your date you gave them on the family responsibility form, try to find out now how many you might get
  • Ask for excess to be returned to you early so you have more time to redistribute.  They can always get more from you if they run low.  Better than going to the cupboard for one girl, and getting returns from another!