Other Cookie Resources

Cookie Resources

Below are links to information that you may need for the cookie sales season.  Please check out these resources if you have any questions or are looking for fun ideas.

Initial Order Estimator – New Troops
Great tool for new troops to estimate initial order.

Initial Order Estimator – Returning Troops
Enter your troop number and girls selling to get an estimate based on last year’s sales

Council Cookie Site
Lots of great info, ideas and more.  Everything you need to know.  Below are some of the sub-pages:
– Council Cookie Volunteer Page (Troop Cookie Managers)
  Great info for Cookie managers and troop leaders including training and guidebooks, sales materials, and booth info and ideas.
– Council Cookie Sellers Page
  Great info for Girls including safety, selling tips and materials, and more.
– The Smart Cookie
  Online archives of Council cookie emails “The Smart Cookie”.  Lots of promotions and fun ideas as well as tips and advice.
– Cookie Cupboards
This is where you pick up more cookies after the initial order.  Look for the “Inventory Dashboard” before going to get more!

Edina is the closest for us:
7360 Ohms Lane Edina, MN 55439
Tues & Thurs Noon–6pm. Sat, 8:30am–noon (Times to be updated)

Girl Scouts USA
Tons of excellent selling ideas, downloadable content and much more

Local Service Unit Booths
Didn’t get all the booths you want on eBudde?  Here are some the SU sets up each year.  Don’t forget, they must still be recorded in eBudde.
This site will be updated for 2016 by early February

ABC Bakers
Our cookies come from this baker.  They have a lot of fun ideas and info about the cookies.

Snap Guidebook
Good PDF of information to help with Snap.  In particular, the last two pages do a pretty good job of explaining the complicated donations programs and how to enter in Snap.